Dr. Khader Lifestyle Protocols

šŸŒ¾ Contribute and Join the Health Movement with Organicsphere! šŸŒæ

Mar 17, 2024


  1. Share your cherished millet and oil recipes on our blog at Organicsphere.com and unlock a $5 - $7 discount on your next purchase! CA Bay Area residents can enjoy an additional $5 - $7 discount on Lemonhat's portal or website.

  2. Calling all culinary enthusiasts! If you're passionate about creating vlog-style cooking videos highlighting millets, traditional oil processing, or Dr. Khader's healthy lifestyle, we want to collaborate with you! Reach out to us on WhatsApp to discuss further. Rewards range from $25 - $100 in savings.

  3. Do you have a story to share? We're seeking individuals to participate in podcast-style videos, sharing their experiences and insights into Dr. Khader's holistic lifestyle. Explore examples at the following links:

Join us in promoting Dr. Khader's wholesome lifestyle and the traditional methods of millet and oil processing, including the Buchi method and bull-driven processing. Let's inspire and educate together! šŸŽ„šŸŽ™ļø"

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