100% Natural Quinoa Flakes, Rolled

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Quinoa Flakes are a highly nutritious and versatile grain cultivated at a staggering altitude of 13,000 feet on family farms in Bolivia. These flakes are created by flattening rather than pre-cooking the quinoa, ensuring a quick cooking time while fully preserving their rich nutritional content. Quinoa's exceptional nutritional profile has even garnered attention from NASA, who have utilized it as astronaut food.

Key Features:

  • High Nutritional Value: Retains all nutrients due to the unique flattening process.
  • Complete Protein Source: Contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a superior protein source among grains.
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Includes vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B9 (folate), manganese, phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.
  • Organic and Non-GMO: Grown and processed without genetically modified organisms.
  • Kosher Certified: Adheres to strict dietary standards.
  • Allergen-Free Packaging: The 25 lb size is free from common allergens like dairy, egg, wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish.
  • Quality Packaging: Repackaged in facilities meeting Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards.

Health Benefits:

  • Muscle Building and Repair: The complete protein profile aids in muscle building and repair.
  • Digestive Health: High fiber content promotes healthy digestion.
  • Heart Health: Nutrient-rich, supporting overall cardiovascular health.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.
  • Immune System Support: Rich in vitamins and minerals that bolster the immune system.

Culinary Uses:

  • Versatile Cooking Ingredient: Can substitute or mix with oats in various recipes.
  • Breakfast Options: Ideal for making quinoa porridge, pancakes, and muffins.
  • Baking: Adds a nutritious and crispy element to granola, cookies, crisps, and crumbles.
  • Savory Dishes: Perfect for use in veggie burgers and as a meat substitute in various recipes.

Cooking Directions:

  • Stovetop Cooking: Boil 1 cup of water, add ⅓ cup quinoa flakes, cook for 1 ½ minutes, then let cool until thickened.

Nutritional Information:

  • Serving Size: 1/2 cup (42g)
  • Calories: 159
  • Protein: 5.7g (11.4% DV)
  • Dietary Fiber: 3g (12.3% DV)
  • Iron: 3.942mg (21.9% DV)

Additional Information:

  • Certifications: Certified organic, non-GMO, Kosher.
  • Country of Origin: Bolivia
  • Package Code: CE265
  • Size: 25 lb
  • Storage: Store in a dry environment.

Conclusion: Organic Quinoa Flakes offer a nutrient-packed, versatile grain option for a variety of dietary needs and culinary preferences. Whether used in breakfast dishes, baked goods, or savory recipes, these flakes provide a wholesome and delicious way to enhance your meals with the benefits of one of the world's most nutritious grains.