A2 Gir Cow Ghee (Hand Made Desi Ghee) - 1 KG / 2.2 lbs

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Gir Cow Ghee: The Pinnacle of Authenticity and Nutrition

Ghee, a cornerstone in Indian culinary and medicinal traditions, reaches its zenith of purity and health benefits when derived from the revered Gir cow. Crafted meticulously using the Vedic bilona method, Gir cow ghee isn't just a culinary delight but a treasure trove of wellness.

What Makes Gir Cow Ghee Stand Out?

1. Source of Purity: The Gir cow, a native Indian breed, is renowned for its A2 milk, which is richer in quality and health benefits compared to the more common A1 milk.

2. Vedic Bilona Technique: This age-old method involves manually churning curd with a wooden churner, ensuring no loss of nutritional value, and maintaining the sanctity of the process.

3. Nutritional Powerhouse: Gir cow ghee is replete with essential vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds. It's a natural source of Omega


Gir cow ghee, derived from the milk of the Gir cow, an indigenous breed of India known for its high-quality A2 milk, embodies a blend of tradition, purity, and nutritional excellence. The production of this ghee through the traditional Vedic bilona method not only preserves the cultural heritage but also enhances the ghee's nutritional profile, making it a favored choice for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Below are key features and benefits that make Gir cow ghee a standout product:

Features of Gir Cow Ghee

  1. Derived from A2 Milk: Gir cow ghee is made from A2 milk, which contains A2 beta-casein protein, believed to be easier to digest and less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to A1 beta-casein found in most commercial dairy products.

  2. Vedic Bilona Process: This ghee is produced using an ancient technique that involves manually churning the curd made from whole milk with a wooden churner. This process is labor-intensive and time-consuming but ensures the ghee retains its nutritional integrity and offers a unique flavor.

  3. Rich Nutritional Profile: It is packed with vitamins (A, E, D, K), minerals, and essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), making it a nutritional powerhouse.

  4. Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Gir cow ghee has higher levels of CLA, a type of fat that is thought to have cancer-fighting properties, help reduce inflammation, and lower body fat.

  5. No Preservatives or Additives: True Gir cow ghee is free from any artificial preservatives or additives, maintaining its purity and natural properties.

Benefits of Gir Cow Ghee

  1. Promotes Digestive Health: The short-chain fatty acids in Gir cow ghee help in maintaining gut health and aid in the digestion process.

  2. Supports Immune System: Its rich content of antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins bolster the immune system.

  3. Enhances Bone Health: Vitamins K and D in Gir cow ghee play a crucial role in calcium absorption, essential for bone health and growth.

  4. Anti-inflammatory Properties: The butyric acid and CLA present in Gir cow ghee have anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing inflammation in the body.

  5. Improves Heart Health: Despite being a rich source of saturated fats, the unique composition of Gir cow ghee, including its Omega-3 fatty acids, can contribute to a healthy heart by reducing cholesterol levels and inflammation.

  6. Aids in Weight Management: The presence of CLA not only helps in reducing inflammation but also aids in fat burning, making it a good dietary addition for weight management.

  7. Enhances Skin and Hair: The vitamins and minerals in Gir cow ghee nourish the skin and hair, promoting a healthy glow and strength.

  8. Culinary Versatility: With its rich, nutty flavor, Gir cow ghee enhances the taste of various dishes, from traditional Indian recipes to contemporary global cuisine.

Incorporating Gir cow ghee into your diet can offer a multitude of health benefits, reflecting the wisdom of ancient dietary practices while supporting modern wellness goals.

A2 Gir Cow Ghee (Hand Made Desi Ghee) - 1 KG / 2.2 lbs

Regular price $65.00
Sale price $65.00 Regular price