Organic Sphere's Bull-Driven Peanut Oil: 100% Natural & Wood-Pressed - Pure, Unrefined Cooking Oil with Authentic Extraction Method

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Discover the authentic essence of Bull Driven Peanut Oil by Organic Sphere, a celebration of traditional extraction techniques. Revel in the genuine taste and aroma derived straight from Mother Earth, ensuring every dish stands out.


      1. Pure Extraction: Sourced from only the finest ingredients, our peanut oil is free from additives, preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

      2. Traditional Method: Using the age-old ganuga technique, the extraction process ensures no high heat exposure, preserving the oil's natural aroma and nutrients.

      3. Culinary Versatility: Perfect for cooking and deep frying, this peanut oil is a delightful addition to a plethora of dishes.

      4. Natural Aroma and Flavor: With a distinct nutty taste and rich fragrance, it complements, rather than overpowers, your culinary creations. The high smoke point further amplifies its versatility.

      5. Packaging Options: Available in both 1-Liter & 4-Liter packs, it's an ideal choice for chefs and cooking aficionados.

PURE ORGANIC PEANUT OIL – In an age where transparency in food sourcing is paramount, Organic Sphere offers Ganuga Bull-driven Unrefined organic peanut oil, free from unnecessary additives and unwanted substances.

WOOD PRESSED BULL DRIVEN OIL – Our wooden peanut oil press, driven by a bull, rotates at a serene pace, ensuring the extraction temperature remains below 27⁰C, preserving the oil's richness.

PREMIUM QUALITY UNREFINED PEANUT OIL – Derived from high-quality peanut seeds, our wood pressed peanut oil stands out in both flavor and aroma, presenting an authentic experience unlike any other.

VERSATILE COOKING OIL – With a high smoking point, this peanut oil enhances dishes with a subtle nutty undertone, elevating every culinary creation. It's also suitable for varied applications beyond cooking.


Assuring quality, all our products undergo rigorous standards of production.

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ABOUT ORGANIC SPHERE – Established in 2016, Organic Sphere is rooted in promoting sustainable and harmonious living. With a commitment to the community, we endeavor to provide top-notch products at accessible prices.


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