Organic Sphere's Bull-Pressed Sesame Oil: Authentic, 100% Pure & Organic - Derived from Premium Organic Sesame Seeds - Time-Honored Bull-Driven Process

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Oils that we eat today are milled in modern factories that use heat to press the oils out which leads to the loss of all the nutrients that the oil would naturally contain. We at Organic sphere are introducing bull-driven ganuga sesame oil that has been produced through age-old methods that use a bull to drive the oil press which slowly allows the sesame to release all its oils at a very low temperature, preserving all the rich vitamins and goodness.


    • Made from organically sourced sesame that is high in oil content, our oils are just purely sesame and contain no other additives. These oils are processed at very low temperatures that keep the oil pure.

    • Free from any other harmful substances, these oils are 100% natural and completely safe for cooking and consumption.

    • The intense aroma of sesame in our oils is an indicator of the high quality that we are providing to our customers.

    • Sesame oil is great for massaging the body and has properties to cool your body down. Can also help your hair grow thick and strong.

    • Transform your cooking with this oil that will add unique flavor to your dishes. Great for oriental and Indian cuisines this oil will give you an authentic taste.

    • Improve your health and feel light in the stomach even after having deep-fried food with our sesame oil that is free of excess cholesterol.

RESTORING ANCIENT WISDOM – Tap into thousands of years of age-old knowledge and enjoy the innumerable fruits of the age-old bull-driven oil extraction with Organic Sphere Sesame Ganuga Oil. Traditionally extracted by using a large wooden vat, our bull-driven sesame oil retains its nutty, delicate, and subtle original flavors.

SO MANY BENEFITS – Rich in phytosterols, heart-healthy fatty acids, and vitamin E; cold-pressed sesame oil is also known to have other benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, blood sugar-regulating features, and help in keeping the skin safe from sun damage. The expeller pressed oil can be used both as a massage oil and cooking oil.

ONLY SESAME AND NOTHING ELSE – Extracted from only the finest quality and carefully sourced sesame seeds, our bull-driven sesame oil for cooking is processed at temperatures below 27°C, and doesn't contain any unnecessary additives, harmful preservatives, or other substances to ensure that you get pure unadulterated benefits!

CAN BE USED IN SO MANY CUISINES – A popular addition in Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines; our carefully extracted sesame oil stands out mainly due to its distinct fresh taste and aroma when used in meals – dress up your otherwise plain salads or, enhance your oriental noodle dishes, and so much more with this raw sesame oil!


All our products are manufactured from completely natural and organic sesame seeds in facilities adhering to strict compliance and stringent quality standards.

So, don’t wait anymore! ORDER NOW, and switch to more healthy eating and cooking with our ganuga sesame oil!

ABOUT ORGANIC SPHERE – Founded in 2016, we at Organic Sphere believe that Sattvic food is not just great for health but also sustainable for growers in the long run. We care about the community and firmly believe that it is our social responsibility to deliver great products to our consumers at an affordable price.


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