Fresh 100% Natural Vatana Yellow or Yellow Peas

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šŸŒ¾ Embark on a Journey of Wholesome Delight with Fresh 100% Natural Vatana Yellow Peas šŸŒ¾

Unveil a realm of pure indulgence with our Fresh 100% Natural Vatana Yellow Peas ā€“ where authenticity meets irresistible taste. Introducing the finest Yellow Peas nature has to offer ā€“ a choice that tantalizes the taste buds of discerning food enthusiasts while nourishing the body. Harvested from sun-kissed organic fields, these golden pearls are a symphony of nutrition and flavor, meticulously curated to redefine your culinary experience.


  • Unadulterated Excellence: Our Vatana Yellow Peas remain unprocessed, preserving their golden hue and innate goodness.
  • Nutrient Powerhouse: Bursting with vital nutrients, these Yellow Peas are a fiber-rich delight, aiding in regulating sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Texture Refinement: To enhance their natural texture and taste, soak the peas in water for 20-30 minutes before cooking.
  • Cooking Perfection: Achieve culinary finesse by using a 2:1 water-to-peas ratio, a pinch of salt, and a hint of oil when preparing.

šŸŒ½ Tempting Yellow Peas Creations to Savor:

  1. Vatana Pea Pulao: Infuse the aroma of fresh mint, cilantro, and fragrant spices into perfectly cooked Yellow Peas for a delectable pulao that harmonizes with any main dish.

  2. Stir-fried Vatana Delight: Immerse yourself in a medley of vibrant bell peppers, crisp snow peas, and tender carrots stir-fried alongside our 100% Natural Vatana Yellow Peas, accompanied by a drizzle of soy sauce.

  3. Vatana Pea Salad with Zesty Zing: A revitalizing salad that unites Yellow Peas with juicy cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and crumbled feta. A lemony vinaigrette adds a zestful twist to this summery sensation.

  4. Golden Pea and Lentil Stew: Experience warmth with a nourishing blend of Yellow Peas and protein-rich lentils, seasoned with aromatic spices. A comforting delight, perfect for any season.

  5. Velvety Vatana Pudding: Indulge your sweet side with a dessert that transforms our Yellow Peas into a creamy masterpiece. Infused with milk, a hint of sweetness, and a touch of vanilla, it's a treat that gratifies both the palate and well-being.

šŸ“ Immerse yourself in the universe of natural and nourishing wholesomeness, and elevate each meal with Fresh 100% Natural Vatana Yellow Peas.

Embrace the purity of 100% natural Yellow Peas. Elevate your culinary ventures, invigorate your lifestyle ā€“ PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY to experience the fusion of unspoiled nature and delectable taste in every bite. Your odyssey towards a healthier existence commences now! šŸŒ±

Fresh 100% Natural Vatana Yellow or Yellow Peas

Regular price $5.99
Sale price $5.99 Regular price