Guide to Storing Bull Driven Ghana Oil

Guide to Storing Bull Driven Ghana Oil

Oct 07, 2023

At Organic Sphere, we pride ourselves on producing Bull Driven Ghana oil that is extracted without the use of chemicals and contains no added preservatives. As this oil is rich in micro-nutrients, proper storage is essential to maintain its quality and prevent degradation.

Why Proper Storage Matters:

  • Unlike chemically processed or refined oils, Bull Driven Ghana oils are packed with micro-nutrients.
  • Proper storage protects the oil from degradation caused by light and heat.
  • If not stored correctly, the oil can become rancid within six months due to fungal growth, often resulting from water or moisture contamination. Remember, our oil doesn't have preservatives, which means it can degrade if not stored in suitable conditions.

Best Storage Methods:

1. Ceramic Jars: Historically, these were the go-to containers for oil storage. However, they've become rare today.

2. Steel Vessel: An excellent and safe choice. Steel vessels are easy to manage and help protect the oil from external elements.

3. Amber Color Glass Bottles: These bottles block light, reducing the risk of photochemical reactions that could degrade the oil. It's crucial to avoid clear or white glass bottles as they don't offer the same protection against light.

4. Tin Cans: Suitable for short-term storage, especially during transportation. They are not recommended for long-term storage due to potential reactions with the oil over extended periods.

Avoid Plastic Bottles:

We strongly advise against using plastic bottles for storing Bull Driven Ghana oil. At Organic Sphere, we are firmly opposed to this storage method because plastic can react with the oil and compromise its quality.

Ideal Storage Conditions:
  • Keep the oil away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.
  • Ensure your chosen storage container is sealed well to prevent moisture or water contamination.
  • With proper storage, our oil can remain fresh for over six months. However, always check for signs of rancidity or fungal growth before use, especially if stored beyond this period.

Final Thoughts:

Proper storage of Bull Driven Ghana oil is essential for preserving its quality, nutritional value, and freshness. We hope this guide provides clarity on the best storage methods and practices.

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