Positive Millets

Urine infection, Prostate (Men)

Oct 01, 2021

Health issue Urine infection, Prostate (Men)
Decoctions Bryophyllum pinnatum, Coriander leaves, Mint, Boerhavia diffusa, Drumstick leaves, Ruta graveolens, Dillweed leaves, Banana stem.
Special instructions Using of structured water for cooking and drinking is mandatory. Take buttermilk. Finger millet milk, Pearl millet milk works very well on this issue. Take Fenugreek seed water, coconut water, and lemon water. One can take Bottle gourd/ Ash gourd/ Salad cucumber juice. One can also take Banana stem decoction with outer layer in the morning and evening. After urination clean that part with Sour buttermilk. After 2 to 3 minutes wash it with clean water. This has to be done for a week.
The best way to consume millets in the form of fermented porridge for 5 to 6 weeks Millet Plan
  1. Little millet - 3 days
  2. Kodo millet - 1 day
  3. Barnyard millet - 1 day
  4. Foxtail millet - 1 day
  5. Brown top millet - 1 day

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