Welcome To The Millets World

Welcome To The Millets World

Jan 01, 2020

The inspiration for this blog was the visit of Dr. D. Khadar, Scientist, Food Technology Researcher, Exponent & Crusader of Millet Foods, Mysore to Organic Sphere Houston, Texas. We at Organic Sphere sincerely thank Rajasekhar Reddy Chappidi for bringing the doc to our store.

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Dr. Khader Vali Visit to our Houston location in 2018

Millets are perhaps the oldest food known to humanity. They can be grown in the dryland and hence drought resistant and are known to be cultivated thousands of years ago in predominantly in the Indian subcontinent part of Asia. There are a group of millets that are highly variable small-seeded grasses, grown widely as cereal crops or grains. Millets have an abridged growing season. Plants seeds are ready to be harvested in about ~65 days.

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Benefits of Millets:
Millet grains are superior nutritionally to many of its cereal counterparts and have higher medicinal value because of the fiber content and proteins including amino acids, good cholesterol, calcium, and iron. The grains have low glycaemic value and considered ideal to combat obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disorders. There are two forms of fiber in millets - soluble and insoluble fractions. The soluble fiber fraction delays gastric emptying and helps in slow digestion and slower release of glucose. Thus the blood glucose levels rise slowly. The insoluble fraction is an inert component metabolically, absorbs water and helps bowel movement, preventing constipation.

Millets have higher dietary fiber that takes longer to chew, increasing the eating time. The increased eating time gives the body a chance to know the stomach is full and reduces our chances of overeating. The fiber nutrient is helpful in digestion and eliminates the constipation risks.

Nutritional value of millets:
Millets are rich in nutrients including starch levels, high vitamin B content, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and healthy essential fats in the body. Additionally, there are significant levels of protein and dietary fiber that contribute to health benefits.

What is "Rich Grains" or "Siri Dhanya"?
Grains can be classified as Positive, Neutral and Negative.
The dietary fiber is between 8% - 12.5% in Foxtail, Barnyard, Kodo, Little and Brown top millets. They are all positive grains. The dietary fiber is slightly less in Pearl, Finger, Proso, Great Millet and corn. They are all neutral grains. The millet foods are considered as miracle grains, that’s why we call them Rich grains or "Siri Dhanya" millets.

English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil
Barnyard Millet Sanwa Oodhalu Udhalu Kuthiraivally
Kodo Millet Kodon Araka Arikelu Varagu
Little Millet Kutki Samai Samulu Samai
Foxtail Millet Kakum Navane Korra Tenai
Brown Top Millet Korale
English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil
Finger Millet Nachani Ragi Ragula Kezhvaragu
Proso Millet Chena Baragu Variga Pani Varagu
Pearl Millet Bajra Sajje Sajja Kanbu
Sorghum (Great Millet) Jowar Bili jola Jonna Jolam

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Health benefits of Siri Dhanya or Millets:

  1. Helps in detoxifying the body
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol level
  3. Prevents the onset of breast cancer
  4. Assists in the prevention of type 2 diabetes
  5. Very useful in reducing blood pressure
  6. Helps to combat heart diseases
  7. Helps in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma
  8. Helps to optimize kidney, liver and immune system health
  9. Reduces risk of gastrointestinal conditions like gastric ulcers or colon cancer
  10. Eliminates problems like constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping


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