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Benefits Of Barnayrd Millet

Sep 30, 2021

Barnyard Millet are sweet in taste. This is good for thyroid and pancreas. They help in getting rid of diabetes and constipation as there is lot of fiber in this millet and in cleaning up liver, kidney, gallbladder and good for endocrinal glands. They also help in reducing jaundice and help in strengthening liver. After getting rid of cancer, jaundice they are also helpful in reducing the cancer of ovaries, uterus. The food prepared with this millet gives strength and is easily digestible. Therefore, in North India this is used during religious fasting. In Uttarakhand and Nepal pregnant women and neonatal women are given food made of barnyard millet as this is rich in iron. They believe that anemia is reduced in neonatal women and they will have plenty of breast milk. This food maintains body temperature. It Dr Khadar LifeStyle 8

improves the resistance capacity of the body. This is very good food for those who work for long hours in stationary position without much physical labor. The food made of this millet protects us from ulcer-formation in small intestine and the cancer of large intestine liver and spleen

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