Positive Millets

Eye problems, Glaucoma

Oct 01, 2021

Health issue Eye problems, Glaucoma
Decoctions Dill weed leaves, Drumstick leaves, Mint leaves, Curry leaves, Betel leaves ( Remove the petiole), Ruta graveolens Consume all above decoctions one week each and repeat the cycle
Special instructions Juices: Carrot/ Knol khol/ Radish ( Can take with lemon juice, palm jaggery or with salt/ pepper powder ) Consume above mentioned juices one week each and repeat the cycle for 9 weeks. Juices should be taken on empty stomach and maintain gap 30 mins between decoctions and juices. Plant based Milk: Take weekly 2 days coconut milk, 2 days sesame milk, 2 days pearl millet milk. Daily see orange colour sun during sunrise and sunset for 5 mins.
Millet Plan
  1. Little millet - 1 days
  2. Kodo millet - 1 day
  3. Barnyard millet - 1 day
  4. Foxtail millet - 3 days
  5. Brown top millet - 3 days

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