Healthy and relaxed lifestyle

Healthy and relaxed lifestyle

Jul 31, 2023


Meditation is an important activity that must be practiced twice everyday for 15 minutes-at sunrise and sunset.

It is a process wherein one offers his/her gratitude to the almighty for bestowing everything required for the sustenance and well-being of all forms of life.

During meditation one needs to observe his/her breath i.e., inhalation and exhalation steadily with his/her eyes closed.

Meditation along with Siridhanya can cure us of all diseases, even the dreadful, unfathomable diseases.

Kashaya (OCHRE) rays of the Sun:

During the first 7 minutes of the Sunrise and the last 7 minutes of the Sunset, Ochre (Kashaya varna) rays emanate from the Sun.

These rays have marvellous impact on the biochemical reactions in our body.

Dr.Khadar sir advises us to drench ourselves in these rays whenever there is an opportunity to do so.


Walking for atleast 75 minutes everyday at your own pace. This is the best form of exercise (Sahaja Yoga) meant for human being. It keeps us physically and mentally fit.

Ideal bedroom ambience:

Electronic gadgets are understood to be one of the innumerable factors that affect the biochemical reactions in our system. Dr. Khadar therefore says that it is best to avoid keeping computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones etc., in the bedroom. Dr Khadar LifeStyle 29

Sleeping in pitch dark rooms initiates a whole set of biochemical processes that are required to get deep sleep patterns that are essential to generate complete rest. For example, melatonin is one of the hormones that is found regulated well in a dark room sleeper. Many more processes not understood by man fall in place when we sleep in a pitch dark room

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