Positive Millets

Obesity / Weight loss Hernia

Oct 01, 2021

Health issue Obesity / Weight loss Hernia
Decoctions Peepal, Betel leaves (Remove the petiole), Cumin seeds, Bermuda grass, Wild date palm leaves, organic turmeric powder or turmeric bulb. Consume all above decoctions one week each and repeat the cycle
Special instructions Juices: Salad cucumber/ Bottle gourd/ Ash gourd. Consume above mentioned juices one week each and repeat the cycle for 9 weeks. Juices should be taken on empty stomach and maintain gap 30mins between decoctions and juices.
Millet Plan
  1. Little millet - 3days
  2. Kodo millet - 3 days
  3. Barnyard millet - 1 day
  4. Foxtail millet - 1 day
  5. Brown top millet - 1 day

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