Storing Organic grains

Dec 02, 2019

including millets, dals and pulses We would like to make sure Organic groceries are stored appropriately. Especially now since we are fulfilling bulk orders for millets, we would like to help our clients to follow a process to store effectively.

Organic Sphere products especially grains are 100% organic/natural with no chemicals or pesticides have shelf period. Some brands use nitrogen or vacuum packing. But requires expensive equipments and also creates a bad smell.


Here are some ways to store Organic grains including millets, dals and pulses.

  1. Store grains (millet) in a tightly closed container and in a cool, dark, dry location. If you’re planning on storing grains long-term, it would be wise to put the containers of millet in the freezer for at least a week. This will kill off any microscopic insect eggs that might hatch later on.
  2. To be on the extra safe side, add an oxygen absorber to the millet once it is time in the freezer ends. The oxygen absorber will deprive any remaining, live insect eggs of oxygen, thus killing them. Oxygen absorbers are inexpensive and easy to use. They will also remove oxygen in the container, which leads to a longer shelf life.
  3. Another way to store millet is to use canning jars, a Food Saver vacuum sealer, and a jar sealer attachment. This depletes the jar of oxygen and no additional oxygen absorber needs to be used.
  4. You can also use neem leaves, powder, chilly flakes, caradamom seeds, cloves etc., to avoid insects naturally. Please be aware of risks of buying bulk and storing properly.

We sincerely thank you all for continued support and co-operation

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