Vitamins, Vitamins B12, Vitamin-D

Oct 01, 2021


Vitamin deficiency (vitamin-D, vitamin-B12 etc.) is the main problem that haunts everyone in modern life from last 25 years. Various vitamins are the biochemical substances which are highly essential for our health. Lifestyle without sunlight exposure, working during late nights or night shifts, consuming non-nutrition grains which are grown in modern agriculture practices and many other facts are causing premature aging which is worrisome. Current medical industry recommends artificial vitamin supplements and injections as a temporary solution rather it fails to eradicate the original issue. Lot of vitamins are still available in our food. Nowadays it is more common to get vitamin-B12 and vitamin-D deficiency.


Pharmacy companies play major tricks in commercializing the people’s illness. Vitamin-B12 is one of water-soluble vitamins is very helpful in creating microbial balance in our gut. Lot of microbes took shelter in the digestive system of human body and other animals from very long time. But the centralized meat production system is conveying the wrong message as if it is scientific to society that vitamin-B12 can only be obtained from meat and same has been done from last 20 years. It is just a scientific illusion

No need to get frustration when you come to know you have got vitamin deficiency. Without depending on vitamin supplements or injections, you can overcome the deficiency naturally.

There are 3 ways:

◼ You can overcome vitamin-B12 deficiency in 2-3 months by consuming curd and buttermilk prepared from desi cow’s milk (A2 milk). Lactobacillus microbes will do this job for us by filling in our gut.

◼ You can overcome by consuming curd and buttermilk extracted from plant-based milk such as sesame seeds, safflower, groundnut etc. This practice was prevalent in most of the regions in our country. In addition to this, by consuming curd and buttermilk from milk extracted from little millet, foxtail millet, pearl millet, finger millet and coconut, you can overcome vitamin-B12 deficiency in 2-3 months.

◼ Soak coarsely powdered Siridhanya for 6-8 hours, then boil this for 10 mins with same soaked water. Now gruel is prepared. After cooling this gruel, cover it with a thin muslin/cotton cloth and let it rest for 7-8 hours so that gruel gets fermented. Consume this fermented gruel by putting salt and or any sambar/dal/or any curry which you like. If you follow this method, it will help to increase vitamin-B12 production in your body itself.

Cow’s milk is hazardous for our environment. From environmental point of view 2nd and 3rd methods look more appropriate.

In addition to this, vitamin-B12 is obtained in abundance along with calcium from the plant-based milks as mentioned already.


In modern lifestyle, it is rare that people see the sunlight or exposing their body to sunlight has been very rare. Either from parties or from software jobs, night life has become more. Hence getting up early and watching sunlight has become a rare occurrence. Apart from these, apartment life in cities is keeping people away from light and heat of the sun. Plenty of vitamin-D is produced in by exposing our body to orange color sun during sunrise and sunset. Because of above mentioned reasons vitamin-D deficiency has been increasing in human body from last 20-30 years. This creates imbalance in production of antibodies which are responsible for increasing our immunity, bone health and series of biochemical reactions. All these lay the foundation for very long-term diseases. Pharmacy companies are looting people by supplying bogus vitamin-D supplements. Yet these ailments are not cured. It is possible to cure only from the vitamin-D which is produced in our body.

How to overcome vitamin-D deficiency naturally in people who cannot get sunlight?

Sun-dry the naturally grown mushrooms for 2 days, prepare various dishes using these mushrooms. You can overcome vitamin-D deficiency by consuming these sun-dried mushrooms twice a week. The chemical named ‘Ergo Sterol’ found in fresh mushrooms is converted into vitamin-D in sunlight. Soak Dr Khadar LifeStyle 33

these sun-dried mushrooms in water for 2-3 hours, prepare any dish of your choice by using the same water used for soaking and consuming will help you overcome vitamin-D deficiency.

It is better if people realize that the most natural and simplest way to overcome vitamin-D deficiency is to expose themselves to sunlight during dawn and dusk. If you apply sesame oil (bull-driven extracted oil) to your face, body and expose to sunlight for about 20 mins twice a week, then you can get vitamin-D sufficient for your body for whole week. (Hence our ancestors have taught us to get up before dawn and to do suryanamaskar.)

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