Autism/Cerebral Palsy/Special needs Kids

Jan 06, 2019

Millet Diet : Autism/Cerebral Palsy/Special needs Kids

Weekly schedule of Siridhanya(Millets)

2 days - Foxtail millet

2 days - Brown top millet

5th day - Kodo millet

6th day - Little millet

7th day - Barnyard millet

Repeat the same after a week.

Should give 2 spoons of recommended oil in the morning on empty stomach

1st week - coconut oil,

2nd week-Sesame/Til oil,

3rd week- Safflower oil.

4th week - Niger seed oil

Repeat the same ...

Kashayas or Herbal Tea.:

Shouldn't use any tea powders or green tea leaves for preparing these.

Should only use fresh leaves of prescribed plants.

First week: Aegle marmelos L / Bilvapatra Kashayam.

Second week: cynodon dactylon / Garika Kashayam.

Third week: Pongamia Pinnata / Ganuga aku Kashayam.

Fourth week: Ficus religiosa / Raavi/Peepal Kashayam.

Fifth week: Banana Stem/Arati bodha Kashayam.

Repeat after 5 weeks.

How to prepare Kashayam

Take 200 ml water put a fist full of prescribed washed and fresh leaves.

Boil for few minutes, add two drops of palm jaggery and drink warm or cool as you prefer.

1)Feed your child with one green leafy vegetable compulsorily.

2)Use more of leafy vegetables like Moringa leaves, Boerhavia Diffusa/Punarnava /Tellagalijeru, Methi leaves, Gongura .

3)The children should be compulsorily given one Sesame sweet ball(laddu) weekly once.

Added to these..

-No milk in any form

-No jaggery

-No rice or wheat

-No junk food or packaged food.

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