Who is Dr. Khader Vali?

Who is Dr. Khader Vali?

Jan 05, 2019

We have often been asked who Dr. Khader Vali is. He has achieved sort of demi-god status today due to his techniques of using Kadu Krushi/Jungle Farming as an alternative to Organic Farming. At the same time, the number of people who have been healed following his medicinal advise using Positive grains/Rich grains or most popularly siridhanya has made him a well-known name in not just India but worldwide among Indian sub-continent community. Our simple goal is to provide a glimpse of Dr's accomplishments and credentials to readers. We have also started the Health Is Greatest Wealth section on our site to help the readers to follow a prescription to healthy living.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." ~ Benson, Dick

Dr. Khadar Vali has brought forth the eternal truth behind keeping good health by doing intensive research for many years (towards finding a lasting solution for many modern illnesses) after being deeply disturbed by the cause of modern diseases and resolving to find sustainable solutions for them. The consumption of coarse (fibrous) cereals like Foxtail millet, Browntop millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet, Kodo millet, etc. in the past before the use of rice and wheat was the reason why many people were not affected with diabetes. But, in the present times, eating fibreless paddy rice and wheat has led to an increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer and many heart-related problems.

Dr. Khadar Vali has been advocating to attain complete health with ‘siridhanya’ or Positive grains or Rich grains (Kodo Millet, Little Millet, Barnyard Millet, Browntop Millet, and Foxtail Millet.).He has spent his life for the cause of people’s health. His determined efforts in raising awareness about the importance of siridhanya and their good properties among the masses are genuinely praised worthy.

Lives giving food, the origin of food, the seed, fertilizers, health care services, etc. have all become mere commodities. We are entirely in a lost situation where we never know which food leads to which disease. Humanity is reeling under fear of diseases. In such a crisis, Dr. Khadar Vali has appeared in front of people with a grand vision of guiding them towards complete health. Powered by his unparalleled intellect, incomparable awareness, and clear voice to open the eyes of millions around the world Dr. Khadar is reintroducing siridhanya as beautiful and divine food. He has been vociferously saying with scientific evidence that aping of the West in the fields of food and entertainment has brought to our country unnecessary diseases thereby sucking out the vitality of our race. With an in-depth understanding of the secrets and hazards of the modern industrial food, Dr. Khadar has recommended health-giving foods, in the name of siridhanya for the entire humanity. These divine food crops are also most appropriate to this age of climate change according to him. The recognition of the fact that the most deadly diseases like cancer could be healed with the wonderful siridhanya that are packed with curative properties is a great revelation. The siridhanya crops can withstand varying climatic conditions, grow with minimum water, have the highest nutritional values, contain many medicinal properties along with fiber. These crops are the ultimate solution to the agrarian crisis on the one hand and health crisis on the other. The cultivation and consumption of Jungle Farming or Forest Farming have attained the status of a movement in the state of Karnataka, India.

The remarkable contribution of Dr. Khadar Vali to the fields of food and health lies in highlighting the fact that the ratio of dietary fiber to carbohydrates present in different foods largely determines the health of people who consume them. Besides, his unrelenting work as an independent food scientist and health expert is unparalleled since he not only discovered the medicinal properties of the much-forgotten cereals called millets but also successfully recommended them for patients of various diseases for the cure. Further, Dr. Khadar Vali’s in-depth knowledge of human-induced environmental pollution led him to see the interconnections among the modern chemical farming methods, indiscriminate use of natural resources concerning agriculture, production of toxic food, deteriorated the health of humans and other species, ecological imbalance, and global warming on the planet. The comprehensive understanding of various related issues has also prompted him to advocate an integrated approach towards life that is very natural and simple. The revival of the age-old farming system called ‘Kadu Krishi’ (Jungle farming), which goes a long way in regenerating the soil and forests, by Dr. Khadar Vali is a testimony to that. The blog is a compilation of various articles presenting invaluable information on siridhanya and their impact on human health. He has discussed the subject in detail targeting the average reader. So, the repetition of information is deliberate aiming at reiteration. The information about the cultivation techniques of siridhanya and their processing methods make the booklet relevant for farmers as well. Dr. Khadar wants farmers to accrue the benefits of growing and eating siridhanya for their financial and physical wellbeing. The first-hand experience of watching some siridhanya crops grow for the past three years and eating all the five types myself for over six months now has come handy in appreciating the information from a plethora of information dump across the internet and various media.

Who is Dr. Khader Vali?

A native of Proddatur town, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India Dr. Khadar Vali has been working relentlessly in reviving siridhanya for the past twenty odd years. After graduating with a Masters in Science (with specialization in Education) from the Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru, he did Ph.D. on steroids from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru. He married his classmate Ms. Usha.

Dr. Khadar pursued his postdoctoral research on fellowship on environmental science from Beaverton Oregon, United States of America. His research was on deactivating deadly chemical substances like Agent Orange and Dioxins. At the time when food was being rapidly commercialized, Dr. Khadar felt that instead of working in a foreign country for a living it is meaningful to strive for a healthy society in his own country. So, he returned to India from the US in 1997 and settled down in Mysuru. There he worked hard to revive five different types of millets that were fast disappearing.

In the process of consuming each of these millets he discovered that the healing properties present in them could cure even deadly diseases. Hence he named these five types of millets, ‘siridhanya(Rich Grains or Positive Grains) ’. To cultivate them very naturally Dr. Khadar propounded a method called ‘Kadu Krishi (Jungle Farming). He has been treating (practices Homeopathy not formally) his patients of their diseases by recommending the consumption of ‘siridhanya’ (Rich Grains or Positive Grains) rice, drinking of different plant/tree leaf decoctions and with Homeo medicines in urgent cases.

He firmly opines that paddy rice, wheat, milk, non-vegetarian food, untimely eating habits, genetically modified crops, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides are instrumental in polluting the environment and food and thereby leading to the quick spread of lethal diseases.

Dr. Khadar claims that preventing and curing diabetes, hypertension, obesity, constipation, piles, gangrene, triglycerides, PCOD, low sperm count, skin diseases, kidney, and thyroid-related disorders, proved by consuming siridhanya. ‘siridhanya’ also keep away brain and blood-related diseases. He is adored by the people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana India and pulls big crowds to his food/health talks there.

Reference: Siridhanyalu Book Compiled by Panthangi Rambabu

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