Health Benefits of Decoctions

Health Benefits of Decoctions/Kashayams

Jul 20, 2022

Plant-based decoctions/kashayas consist of simmering fresh leaves (such as tulsi, giloy, fenugreek, etc.) bark (such as cinnamon) or tubers (such as turmeric or ginger) for three to four minutes. There are dried leaves, like guava leaves, betel leaves, giloy leaves, etc., that can be used as a substitute for fresh leaves and still have 80% of the benefits of fresh leaves. Health Benefits of Decoctions
  • Enhancing Immunity: It is a molecular process that produces antibodies that combat various diseases. Drinking decoctions of different leaf types will introduce various antigens into the bone marrow, which produces blood cells. A wider variety of leaves is used for decoctions; thus, various antigens are introduced, and antibodies are produced. As a result, our body will be capable of fighting and eliminating new viruses or pathogens.
  • Detoxifying The Metabolic Waste: Phytochemicals and antioxidants in leaves of plants such as Kenaf (Gongura), Guava, and so on will directly participate in biochemical reactions occurring in our bodies and assist in excreting some metabolic waste. Phytochemicals act as catalysts at the micro level in various bodily processes. When heated, these phytochemicals are released into the water. Eg. Kenaf - Protocatechuic acid, Turmeric - Curcumin, Ginzer - Zinziber, etc.
  • Performing the role of prebiotics: Plant molecules in the decoctions act as prebiotics, providing food and a conducive environment for gut microbes to thrive. As a result, they produce essential nutrients for our survival. Our entire system is prepared to carry out the day's activities with full vigor when we consume decoction first thing in the morning.
WARNING: Not all leaves can be used in decoctions/kashaya. It is only recommended to take those identified to have medicinal properties, water-soluble molecules, and are non-toxic. Antigen-specific antibodies are then produced by immune cells.

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