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Millet Cooking Tips

Sep 16, 2022

1. For cooking a cup of millet, we need anywhere between two to three cups of water depending upon the quality and type of millet (one of the 5 millet) siridhanya used.

2. Aged millet require more water when compared to the new grains.

3. Addition of a spoon of desi cow ghee or any bull-driven ghani oil while cooking millet makes it fluffy and grainy.

4. Cooking millet in mud pots enhances its taste and nutrition.

5. A little salt may be added to millet to enhance its taste.

6. Adding oil to cooked millet at the time of cooking will ensure that the grains remain separate. Before further processing, spread the cooked millet on a wide plate.

7. For pancake recipes, the ratio of skinned black gram to millet has to be 1:4.

8. For crispy pancakes / dosas, use Foxtail Millet or Kodo Millet. For soft pancakes/dosas, use Little Millet or Barnyard Millet.

9. Millet Poha/Flakes is also available now. Millet Poha of the same variety may be added while making Millet Idlis/ pancakes

10. The batter may be ground with cooked millet if poha/flakes of millet are not available.

11. Idlis may be made using millet rava. Add 3 cups of rava to 1cup of skinned black gram. They have to be soaked separately.

12. Store bought rava needs six to eight hours of soaking while homemade rava needs just two to three hours of soaking.

13. Iron cookware should be used for preparing dosas, chapatis and for any deep fried recipes.

14. Use thick iron pan for making dosas. To prepare the pan for making crispy dosas spread two or three tiny dosas before proceeding to spread bigger ones.

15. To make the pan nonstick, rub it with half cut onions or potatoes.

16. When cooking oils are heated to high temperatures, as with deep-frying, they can become oxidized, creating cancer causing free radicals. Therefore, adding a pinch of turmeric or mustard seeds to oil before deep frying or sautéing or tempering will reduce the adverse effect of antioxidants to a large extent.

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