No Rice, Wheat, Meat, Eggs, Milk, and Sugar?

No Rice, Wheat, Meat, Eggs, Milk, and Sugar?

Jul 26, 2018

No Rice, Wheat, Meat, Eggs, Milk, and Sugar? Then what to eat?? I hear this often from people. To take charge of your health. Try this.

"The Alternative (Real) Food"
1. Avoid Polished Rice and Wheat including Organic.

Alternative: Go for Rich grains or Siridhanya (Millets) Foxtail, Little, Kodo, Barnyard and Brown Top Millets for optimal health.

Note: Soak Millets for 1-2 hrs before cooking and use one type of Millet for two days for useful results. Healthy people can add Finger Millet, Sorghum and Pearl Millets to the above list.

2. Avoid RO Water (Acidic and TDS less than 20).

Alternative: Go for Tap Water Stored in Copper Vessel.
Note: Use primary candle water filter to remove physical impurities and shift the filtered water into a copper vessel to remove chemical and biological contaminants (or clay pot where the copper sheet is immersed). Store it for more than 8 hours and use it by the next day. Boil and drink warm water.

3. Avoid Refined Oils ( Adulterated Sunflower, Palm oil, and Canola).

Alternative: Go for Organic Cold Pressed Oils (Coconut, Sesame/ Gingely, Groundnut).

4. Avoid White Sugar( Refined and Chemically Processed).

Alternative: Go for Organic Jaggery and Palm Jaggery.

5. Avoid Chemically Cultivated (Fertilizers, Insecticide, and Pesticides) vegetables and fruits including seedless fruits and GMO.

Alternative: Go for Organically cultivated (Chemical Free) fruits and vegetables.
Note: If you are unable to afford or find organic then take a bowl full of tamarind water and keep the fruits and vegetables in it for 30 minutes and wash it with fresh water for use. Avoid seedless fruits although grown organically.

6. Avoid Plastic especially in storing liquids (Never Allow your kids to drink water/ milk in plastic containers, don't use plastic tiffin boxes).

Alternative: Go for Copper, Steel or Clay containers.

7. Avoid Jersey Cow Milk(A1).

Alternative: Go for Desi Cow Milk(A2)
Note: It is advised to have buttermilk, curd, butter or ghee from desi cow milk and not the direct consumption of Milk.

8. Avoid coffee (3 poisons in one glass - Coffee + Milk +Sugar).

Alternative: Go for Coconut Milk or Kashaya/ Decoction. Tulasi (Holy Basil), Lemon Grass, Rosemary, Curry Leaves, Betel Leaves, Pongamia, Peepal, Bilva, Ginger, Turmeric, etc.. with Organic Jaggery or Palm Jaggery added as a sweetener.

9. Avoid Microwave ovens, Teflon(Toxic) coated nonsticky cookware including Aluminium Pressure Cookers.

Alternative: Go for Iron Casting, Steel and Clay cookware.

10. Avoid Processed Salt.

Alternative : Use Rock Salt/ Himalayan Pink Salt/ Saindhava lavana.

11. Avoid Eggs and Meat.

Alternative: Go for Organically cultivated Mushrooms. If it's not Organic, then please follow the process explained in cleaning vegetables with tamarind water above.

Why does all this matter?
Sensible eating is about distinguishing between healthy and potentially unhealthy foods. Good health is the freedom from sickness and diseases. Are you confused when some experts say Rice and Wheat are good over Millets? If you asked most people about foods that are "good" or "bad" for you, you'd get a dozen different answers. Some people say sugar has benefits. Do your research and observe how you feel your body, energy, stress level, sleep, weight and other health problems by switching to real food. Keep it in mind every meal has some benefits and drawbacks and our choice should not overweight disadvantages over interests.

Most of the above-suggested alternatives and methods are picked and practiced based on Dr. Khadar's lectures and direct interaction.

Before understanding the Benefits of Organic Food, one should know the Dangers of Chemical based food, and its effects on health.

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