Organic Sphere - Concept - Chapter 3

Organic Sphere - Concept - Chapter 3

Jun 15, 2018

The idea for Organic Sphere was not on the spur moment. It is an amalgamation of several aspects I learned during my previous business ventures. As I shared in chapter 1 of my journey, we started to be a social networking platform between buyers in North America and suppliers in India and the subcontinent. But, we had to focus on a specific vertical, and we choose the Organic groceries market.


Organic Sphere was founded with a vision to provide the consumers the choice of excellent quality organic groceries, locally sourced fresh produce and dairy products at budget-friendly prices within a clean customer friendly environment. We are sort wholefoods in a small store. With our background and strengths, most of our products are sourced from India but they are all certified for global consumption. India has a 1.6 M hectares of the organic land footprint. The cost of food products are still the cheapest to grow, process, package, certify and distributeQuality to had to maintained through the process of sourcing, packaging, certification and distribution phases.

Why Organic Sphere

We believe "good life" goes beyond ordinary to ultimate luxury of having to consume premium organic & natural products, sourced ethically and farmed sustainably from the farmers. We work with several players through the food processing ecosystem to process and transform the raw grains/crops to tangible products like Rice, Millets, Wheat, Multigrain flour, Wheat flour, etc

Our goal is to bring the best selection of well-known brands and at the same time help consumers to uncover some hidden gems local and from all across the world. We also support and nurture brands and products made by the underprivileged and NGOs.

Organic Sphere is the only platform to provide both fresh farm produce and a wide selection of branded organics across categories. Unique Farm Traceability program Footprints for fresh produce so you know precisely which farm and farmers are delivering the wholesome goodness to you. Bringing together, expert nutritionists, chefs, and users to provide specialist nutrition, taste and health ratings for products.

Humble Begining

Established in 2016. We started from home. Then started selling the organic groceries from home and in special events hosted by Hindu Temple of Woodlands, Meenakshi Temple Pearland, Hindu Maharastra Mandal. Then we graduated to opening a retail outlet near Hindu Temple of Woodlands, where we started selling during a special year-end event. We have created an ecosystem between farmers, processing, logistics and then selling through multiple channels – Brick & Mortar, Amazon, Jet and

Even if the product quality is excellent, how would we assure exceptional quality delivered to consumers and other wholesalers through the distribution channel?

Organic Sphere: "Eat Your Own Dog Food". We use the product in our homes. If it is tasty and healthy for our family, It is suitable for our customers and their families. That is not the end, but we go a step further. We use ingredients for our restaurant from our products. We assure product quality and freshness that backed with no questions asked return policy in exchange for a full refund or new product from a fresh batch.

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