Recipe for a healthy lifestyle!

Sep 30, 2021

Being a part of a nature, we should live without harming and without burdening nature which will in turn make all living beings live happily.

❖ Wake up before sunrise and brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder. Once in a while brush your teeth with Neem stem or with Pongamia stem.

❖ After finishing your morning rituals, watch orange color Sun during sunrise for 10 mins and meditate another 10 mins in same Sunlight.

❖ Walk for minimum 75 minutes per day, duration of the walk is more important than how fast the walk is.

❖ Use normal or warm water for bath. Taking bath with hot water is not good.

❖ Prepare Decoction (Kashaya) with structured water (use palm jaggery if required), drink when it is warm. Drink 2-3 spoons of oil as per the protocol (as suggested for disease) with 30 mins gap after Decoction (Kashaya) is taken.

❖ Follow this lifestyle strictly.

❖ Stop consumption of paddy rice, wheat, non-vegetarian food, Maida (all-purpose flour), tea, coffee, sugar, animal-based milk (A1, A2), refined oils, dry fruits completely.

❖ Having two meals a day is ideal after 40 years of age. One can consume fruits or buttermilk prepared from Desi cow milk or buttermilk prepared from plant-based milk (sesame, groundnut, coconut, pearl- millet, etc..).,

❖ If time permits, walk for 30 to 45 mins in the evening and watch orange color Sun for 10 mins before sunset.

❖ One can consume same Decoction (Kashaya) which is taken the morning. Have dinner 30 mins after drinking Decoction(Kashaya). Go to sleep 90 mins after finishing dinner.

❖ Make your sleeping room as dark as possible. Those who are using fan or AC, can keep one bucket full of water in the room for balancing moisture level. Do not allow any electronic gadgets like mobile, computer etc. in your sleeping room.

❖ Spend some time with nature between plants/trees daily. Make this as a habit for your children too.

❖ Talk with your co-passenger while traveling. Learn new subject which you do not know. Share the knowledge which you have.

❖ Reserve at least 30 minutes a day for helping others.

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