Ambali An ELIXIR to Mankind

Sep 30, 2021

Off late everyone seems to have macro & micronutrient deficiencies like Vitamin B12 deficiency - one of the reasons being the lack of a good colony of pro-biotic bacteria in the gut.

A simple solution is to consume fermented porridge regularly & here is the recipe on how to prepare Fermented Millet Porridge / Ambali / Khameer.

If you are suffering from any serious chronic health condition, eating fermented porridge / ambali / Khameer for all 3 meals for 6 - 9 weeks will help you to speed up your recovery.

If you are just beginning your millet journey, this would be the best way to start.

Strict rules to follow to prepare Ambali for best health benefits: ❖ Use structured water for soaking and cooking.❖ Soak the millets for 6 to 8 hours.❖ 6 to 10 glasses of water for 1 glass of millets.❖ Do not add the salt or any other ingredients while preparing. It kills the good bacteria and fermentation process will not happen properly.❖ Once cooked and before leaving for fermentation process, tie or cover it with cotton or Khadi cloth as shown in the above picture.

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