Somen Debnath - Humbling Experience

Somen Debnath - Humbling Experience

Jun 09, 2018

Thanks to Sunil Gopalkrishna and Sachin Chitlangia, Organic Sphere had the honor of hosting Somen Debnath. Somen is the world cyclist who has traveled to 150 countries since 2004. It was an outstanding gathering from the neighborhood. Any words to explain the emotions that we went through is futile and shall not indulge in it. Somen's accomplishment at the young age of 34 (May 8th, 1983) dwarfs many of us within Organic Sphere family.

It was an event to cherish for one lifetime. Somen is straightforward, down to earth and someone who comes across as a very lovable person. He seems to have no qualms about his acquired celebrity status. There is no comparison, I have only read about Swamy Vivekananda. Once I met brother Somen, have learned that Swamy Vivekananda would not be much different from Somen. In current day and age where the focus and dedication are just words, Somen during last 14 years redefines the word focus, commitment, and a living example for someone who has overcome several obstacles.

He left us with a smiling goodbye, a tremendous amount of warmth, and lasting impression.

Our collective accomplishments are dwarfed with what Somen has accomplished in one life. Somen, you will remain in our hearts forever. We wish you the best for your next journey of 2 years and your vision to build the global village in North India.

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