Buying Siridhanya/Rich grain millets from Organic Sphere

Buying Siridhanya/Rich grain millets from Organic Sphere

Jan 03, 2019

We have Siridhanya/Rich grain millets - all Buchi Method Processed, Unpolished millets and available in stock. They are attractively priced as well. We have cold pressed/wooden rotor based Ganugua oils too. Orders will be shipped in 24-48 hours across 51 states with shipping charges starting from $8.99. For Bulk buying, we can offer free shipping if shipped from India to one pickup location. Contact us for Bulk buying prices.

Air Freight vs. Sea Freight

We are working on getting oils and millets through sea freight as well there by reducing costs to end consumers. This may take 60-90 days. Till then the prices might not decrease, but only increase for quality and source of millets we import.

Shipping & Pickup location
We understand the high prices are a bit of burn on consumer valet. Hence we are trying to work with everyone to reduce the shipping costs by identifying shipping locations in all the cities. We want to earn your trust to deliver quality millets from the source to you the consumer at affordable prices. Please contact Sudhi @ 8324221407/4082039960 to discuss pickup locations and how you can help. Pickup locations should also be a tool of additional income for people and hence do encourage some feedback as to how we can serve you all.

New sources of grains, oils and everything healthy

We also want to do our part of training and helping the farmers and small business in rural India. If you or if your relatives have lands that are growing millets (siridhanya) or interested in cultivating millets. Please connect them to us, and we will help them with training, knowledge, and tools to sell grains to us. With our experience and backend knowledge of import/exports will be able to get them to consumers in North America. This is our chance and good fortune to give back to our farmers. It is not about a specific region in India. We are willing to work with everyone.

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