How to Store Millets?

How to Store Millets?

Jan 05, 2019

Millets are available as Rice, Rava(Broken Millets) and Flour. The shelf life of millets is less compared to Rice and Wheat since it's grown, processed and stored naturally.

1. To avoid infestation or fungal growth, it is best to buy small quantities. As much as possible, gauge the need of millets per month and buy the amount that is just required.

2. Ensure the storage container is airtight stainless steel containers. (Plastic containers is not suggested however if you already have it then use it)

3. Millets can also be stored in wooden boxes or glass containers. Glass containers with cork lids are best.

4. Make sure you keep the container in a dry place, to avoid any fungal contact and to avoid any chances of mildew or pests.

5. Partially filled containers may pick up moisture, so make sure you choose a container of appropriate size.

6. Also make sure that you clean the container before replenishing the stocks. Wash, dry under sun and wipe clean before putting the fresh millets from the store.

7. If you plan to use it only once or twice a week, it may be ideal to find some place in the refrigerator or even the freezer for better shelf life. (Try to avoid refrigerator if possible, if you buy fresh and limited quantity refrigeration might be unnecessary)

Note : Soak Millets for 4 hours before cooking.

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