Oct 01, 2021

Whole world is producing and consuming artificial sweet in the form of sugar by using sugarcane from last 50 years. It is required to spend 28,000 liters of water for producing 1 kg of sugar. This is an offense from the environmental perspective. Our ancestors were extracting jaggery from environment-friendly trees such as Wild Date Palm, Palmyra Palm, Fishtail Palm and Dates trees. Even today we can see extraction of jaggery from Wild Date Palm trees in surrounding places near Kolkata.

Jaggery has been extracted from Palmyra Palm tree even in places like Ramanagar, Mandya, Hampi (Karnataka, India) and some other places. This way by being environment-friendly and without wasting even 1 liter of water also, we can prepare sweet for our human race. Sugarcane jaggery played major role in bringing lot of health disorders like diabetes, Blood Pressure (B.P), immunity related issues etc. The main reason being Sugar contains more portion of Glucose. But palm jaggery (extracted from all kind of Palm trees ) contain more portion of Fructose, which is the boon for our human race.

Botanical Name

Common Name

Borassus flabellifer

Palmyra Palm

Phoenix sylvestris

Silver date Palm

Caryota urens

Fishtail Palm

Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palm

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